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You will identify with these blogging mothers and influencers from Chile

You will identify with these blogging mothers and influencers from Chile

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They have earned the trust and credibility of their audience and their contributions through the internet by recounting their experience in the world of motherhood and offering practical and helpful advice to other mothers who are anywhere in the world. Meet the blogger mothers and influencers from Chile! As soon as you go through her different social media profiles (twitter, instagram, pinterest or facebook), you will empathize and identify with her!

Motherhood inspired them and they felt the need to share their feelings and experiences as mothers with the world. Its walls are the coolest. They know how to take the best pictures and they control all the Instagram filters. Thousands of people follow them on their social networks, their YouTube channels or their blogs. Do you want to know them?

1. Trini González
She is a Chilean based in Madrid who has millions of followers on Instagram. She loves to wear black and studied Fashion Design. Her style is minimalist and she dresses her baby accordingly. TriniG is featured in fashion magazines and her classic style sets the trend. Trini showed off her pregnancy on social networks with spectacular elegance.

2. Yasmin Rebolledo
She specializes in healthy food, calls herself a healthy blogger and has a wall full of delicious dishes. His Instagram has a very neat photograph. She is the mother of two children who have been taught to eat vegetables in a fun way. And, as if this were not enough, he teaches cooking and yoga classes and has several published books.

3. Maria Jesus Ponce
She is a fashion designer and has her own clothing brand. His Instagram is full of beautiful photos with his son and his partner. They love taking snapshots of the family in black and white. You can see her walking her baby in the chair, reading a story in bed, enjoying the beach or the snow or preparing Bruno's first birthday party with the theme of the Jurassic Park movie.

4. Dani 'la chepi'
Spontaneous and natural, Daniela Viaggiamari, better known as Dani La chepi, is a comic actress and uses her sense of humor to connect with her audience. His preferred format is YouTube and his videos go viral the moment they are published. He has more than a million followers on his Instagram account, where he appears with his daughter Isabella, starring in situations of the daily life of education with which parents feel identified.

5. Shoots and roots
It makes you want to eat her entire gallery of photos, and Antonia Cafati is, in addition to a cook, a gastronomic stylist, and proof of this are her excellent food styling photographs. If you want to prepare healthy recipes for your children, be sure to visit their Instagram account. It tells you which dishes boost their immune system or which are the ways that children do not leave anything on a vegetable plate. Antonia also publishes on her blog about mindful eating.

6. Javiera Suárez
She is a journalist and television presenter and publishes her tips and recipes in different formats. Javiera shares with her readers tips for, as she herself says, feeding her life. In their profiles you can find recipes for a healthy diet and, also, reflections to overcome difficult situations. Their motto: The greener you consume, the healthier you will be.

7. Maca Jordan
She is a psychologist and had four children in two years. Their motto is that we are not supermothers nor do we want to be. In his blog he talks about parenting and education, but above all about food. Maca publishes tips for feeding children in an entertaining way, teaches her daughter Juani how to cook on her IGTV channel and performs sports routines at home and with her children. His quinoa pancake recipes are a huge hit with his followers!

8. Mommy bricklayer
Behind this original name is Bernadette Siutti. His motto is 'There is nothing impossible for us', and of course you will believe it when you see his videos knocking down walls. She is the queen of reforms and has even written a book 'Guide to pimp everything'. In his videos he teaches you how to make a flowerpot, put vinyl flooring or spread microcement on the walls. And this is not all: it tells you how much each work it undertakes is going to cost you and encourages all women to take up the trowel, the cement or the drill. She is the mother of three daughters and everything she knows she has done by experimenting herself.

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