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Lucia - Meaning and origin of the name Lucia for girls

Lucia - Meaning and origin of the name Lucia for girls

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If you are looking for a special name for your girl, Lucia can be a nice option, since it is a beautiful name, especially for its meaning, for its writing and for how it sounds. Lucia is a name that continues to be in trend, in recent years. In our site, we want to help you in the task of finding a name for your baby, that is why we tell the story of the name Lucía, as well as all kinds of curiosities and details that surround this name: the date of saint of the name Lucía, famous and famous people who wear this name, as well as Lucia is written and said in other languages ​​or languages.

Lucia is a feminine name of Latin origin that means 'Light' (in Latin, Lux or Lucis), 'The one who was born with the first light of day', 'The one that came with the dawn'. Thanks to its beautiful and simple sound, Lucia is a name that can be found in lyrics of music, in poems. It is a source of artistic inspiration. Her male variant is Lucio, and her most affectionate nicknames are Lu, Luz, Luci or Lucy.

The saint of Lucia is celebrated on December 13.

Lucia is known as the saint of the blind and the light, which is why she is considered the patron saint of the blind. Legend has it that the name Lucia comes from the time of the emperor Maximian Gallery, who managed to regain his sight even though his eyes had been gouged out.

Saint Lucia, virgin and martyr, was born in Syracuse, Italy, in the year 304. She made vows of chastity in her childhood, although later her mother wanted her to marry a young pagan. According to the story, her mother becomes ill and Lucia takes her on a pilgrimage where she proposes to cure her on the condition that she give her freedom not to marry. Lucia's mother is cured, but the young man, to whom she was wanted, betrays Lucia for not marrying him. Lucia, staying firm in her religious purposes, refuses to marry again and again, and ends up dying martyred. Saint Lucia happened to be invoked against blindness and ocular disorders.

Other saints named Lucia and her holy days

  • Saint Lucia of Syracuse - December 13
  • Saint Lucia of Narni - November 16
  • Saint Lucia Filippini - March 25
  • Saint Lucia Yi Zhenmei - February 19
  • Blessed Lucia Brocadelli - November 15
  • Blessed Lucia Bufalari - July 27
  • Blessed Lucia of Caltagirone - September 26
  • Blessed Lucia de Narni - November 16

The countries where the name Lucia is most popular and well known are Spain and Argentina, where Lucia is spelled in the same way. However the name Lucia crosses borders and is also known in other languages ​​or languages:

In German - Lucia or Luzie

In Bulgarian - Светлана (read Svetlana)

In Catalan - Llúcia

In Danish - Lucia

In Slovak - Lucia

In Slovenian - Lucija

In Spanish - Lucia

In French - Lucie

In Galician - Lucia

In Greek - Λουκία (read Luquía)

In Hawaiian - Lucia (it is said Lukya)

In Hungarian - Luca (reads Lutza)

In English - Lucy

In Icelandic - Lucia

In Italian - Lucia (it is said Luchía)

In Norwegian - Lucia

In Polish - Łucja or Lucja

In Portuguese - Lúcia or Luzia

In Russian - Lucia

In Swedish - Lucia

In Valenciano - Llúcia

In Basque - Luzia

With this video, children will be able to see how the name Lucía is written in lowercase and capital letters, as well as learn some curiosities about this name.

The popularity of the name Lucía is so great, that one of the best songs of the Spanish singer and composer, Joan Manuel Serrat, her name is Lucia. Follow the lyrics of the song, which is a poem:

Fly this song for you Lucy
The most beautiful love story that I had and will have
It's a love letter that the wind blows away
Painted in my voice
Nowhere, to no mailbox

There is nothing more beautiful
Than what I've never had
I loved nothing more than what I lost
Forgive me if today I look in the sand
A full moon scratching the sea

If I was ever a bird of passage
I forgot to nest there is in your arms
If I was ever beautiful and I was good
It was tangled around your neck and your breasts
If I was ever wise in love
I learned it from your singing lips

If I ever loved, if one day
After loving, I loved
It was for your love, Lucia, Lucia
Your memories are sweeter every day
Oblivion only took half
And your shadow still lies in my bed
With the darkness between my pillow and my loneliness

The name Lucia is not only popular in the arts but also among famous and famous people. Follow some of them:

  • Lucia Bosé, actress (1931)
  • Lucia Jimenez, actress (1978)
  • Lucia Etxebarria, writer (1966)
  • Lucia MendezMexican-American actress, singer and businesswoman (1955)

If you want to know what the numbers of the name Lucia say about the babies that bear this name, follow our name numerology finder. Tell us the name of your baby and we will tell you their personality traits. The name Lucia corresponds to the number 1. And that is what the numbers of that name say:

Positive traits: Babies with this name can be leaders because they have a great influence on others. They are people with great initiative and curiosity. They are restless and crying outbursts are frequent when they need to do something or to demand attention.

Non-positive traits: They tend to be babies well ahead of their age and are characterized by excessive emotional blackmail to get everything they want from their parents. It has a strong character that needs to be controlled and balanced.

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