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Meaning of the name Prudencio. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Prudencio. Name for boys

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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight in the dictionary of meaning of names, the name: Prudentius, which is both used as a first and last name It is not a very well known or popular name among parents' preferences, but it has a curious meaning and that can become a special name for parents who are looking for names of the saint of the month of April, for their baby.

Prudencio is a name of Latin origin that comes from Prudens, which means 'the one who has the sense to foresee, to be warned, judicious, the one who anticipates or knows something in advance'. The English form, Prudence, has been widely used among Anglo-Saxon Puritans because it alludes to one of the four cardinal Christian virtues. It is a proper name of Latin origin, the masculine form of the name Prudencia.

The name Prudencio, who celebrates his birthday on April 6, refers to San Prudencio Galindo, theologian and historian. Spanish by birth, of Pyrenean origin, he fled his homeland in 827 when the invasion of the Muslims and took refuge in the Carolingian court.

There, he was counselor and chaplain to Ludovico Pío and Carlos el Calvo; Bishop of Troyes in Champagne. Both in his liturgical writings and in the Bertinian Annals they are stories that tell the history of his time (836 - 861). He wrote works of piety, such as Breviarium psalterii (psalms to teach the faithful to pray) and the Florilegium ex sacra Sxriptura (ethics manual with gleaned sentences from the holy books).

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