The magician's broom. Play to celebrate Halloween with children

The magician's broom. Play to celebrate Halloween with children

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Halloween, the holiday adored by young and old, is just around the corner. So, how could it be otherwise, we have used all our imagination to create a funny play to celebrate Halloween with children in the most fun way. It is ideal to organize with your students at school or with your children at home. The script for 'The Magician's Broom' is designed for a few characters, but if you want to represent it with the whole class, you just have to adapt it. Let's go to see her!

In this play there is magic, laughter and a lot of sense of humor. The idea is that boys and girls get to know this holiday and do something original to enjoy it. Do not miss any detail, dear viewers, that the show begins here. Don't forget to clap at the end of the play!

Work description: three mischievous children decide to take the broom from the magician to be able to do with it as many spells and incantations pass through his mind, of course it was not going to be so simple. What will happen when the magician discovers that his broom has disappeared?

Characters: Magín in the role of magician, Carlos, Andrés and Hugo in the role of naughty children.

Necessary material for the staging: a broom, typical Halloween decorations that give a lot, but very scary and a crazy desire to have a great time.

Place in which the work takes place: a school.

The curtain rises. There is a dark scene with lightning and thunder included. The three children are in the middle of the yard talking about their things.

Charles: (pacing back and forth) I still don't know what we're doing here ... We'd better go home, classes are over and a storm is coming.

Andrew: We have already told you, we are waiting for Magín to come.

Charles: (keeps walking from one place to another) To me, this taking away the Magín broom still doesn't seem like a good idea. You'll see when he finds out!

Hugo: Stop worrying and think about all the things that we will be able to do with the magic broom. I'm going to order you to do all my homework for me.

Andrew: And I'm going to tell him to put sheep hair on the boy who laughed at me the other day.

Charles: Well thought out ... It wouldn't be a bad thing to get on the broom to fly around the city.

Hugo: Silence, it's coming!

(Magín appears singing a song with broom in hand)

Magín: How tired I am today! It has been a hard day. First water the maleficent plant, then place the stars in the sky and now clear the yard before it rains ...

Magín: I'll sit down to rest for a while.

(Magín falls asleep and the three children sneak up to take the broom from him)

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. The children are at the school gate with the broom in hand. It has not yet started to rain but the thunder does not stop.

Charles: (looks at the broom carefully) I can't believe we have it!

Hugo: How will it work? It looks like an ordinary broom.

Andrew: (picks up broom) Leave it to me. Let's see broom, bring up a sandwich and juice.

(Nothing happens at all)

Hugo: I will try myself. (He climbs on top of the broom) Let's fly!

(As expected, nothing happens)

Charles: It's my turn to try, magic broom, can you please make my friends stop playing magicians?

(The three friends laugh. At that moment footsteps are heard)

Magín: (she just woke up from a nap) Where did I put my broom? I don't see her anywhere.

Hugo: (speaks quietly) Guys, run over here.

Charles: Let's hurry or he'll find out.

Magín: Nothing, I can't find it, what a bummer! As I caught the one who took it from me, I put him in the genie lamp for a week.

(The three friends run away scared and hide inside the class)

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. The children are in class with the broom on the table. Magín appears on one side of the stage, a bit hidden.

Charles: We have gotten into a lot of trouble! I already told you that it was not a good idea.

Hugo: Well, you were right, besides, the broom is worth nothing.

Magín: (hears voices inside the class) Aha! They have my broom, I'll be careful not to see me.

Magín: What can I do to teach them a lesson? Maybe I'll make their hair red, or better yet, I'll make the entire class snot.

Charles: (He approaches the door and sees Magín deep in thought) (Gives a frightened cry) Don't do anything to us!

Magín: All right but give me my broom.

Hugo: (hands the broom to the magician) We're really sorry, we just wanted to do magic with the broom.

Magín: Magic? With the broom? But if it only serves to sweep! I was looking for it because I have to finish cleaning the patio.

(The three friends look at each other in surprise)

Andrew: So you can't do magic?

Magín: Of course I can do magic! But not with the broom, it only serves to sweep.

Andrew: And how do you do magic?

Magín: Do you want to see it?

Everyone: Yes, yes.

Charles: But don't make toads come out of our mouths or anything like that.

Magín: Relax, wizards are naughty but not so much.

At that moment Magín moves his ears and the light goes out, the sun rises and the clouds move away.

Andrew: Amazing!

Magín: Yes, and that's not all, the other day I made an evil witch's shoes sing a very ugly song. Do you want me to show you where the witch kept her shoes?

Everyone: Of course!

Magín: I'll tell you if you help me clean up the patio, magic is useless for those things.

The three friends and the magician Magín with the broom in his hand go to the patio to clean it and then to look for those strange shoes.

The curtain closes. End of the play for Halloween 'The magician's broom' which was really nothing magical. What fun!

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