9 children's water games to survive a summer without a pool

9 children's water games to survive a summer without a pool

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And finally summer has arrived and, of course, its heat waves will not be missing. Luckily in we have the remedy for our little ones to enjoy their vacations very cool. And if winter is to work hard and study, summer is to rest and play. Guess which is the favorite toy of this season for all children: water, in its infinite possibilities. Therefore, we propose some children's games with water that will help you survive the summer if you don't have a pool or beach. We have divided them according to the age of the children so that fun (and safety) is guaranteed.

The pools and the beach are in themselves the best leisure offer for the little ones in the house. Sports and games come together to make summer unforgettable and return to school with renewed energy. But we can't always take a dip to cool off.

However, we can fight the heat with fun water games that will make summer a real water party. Here are some of our game proposals that we can develop in the park when temperatures rise.

Children's games for children from 2 to 4 years

1. Battle of Water Balloons
With the little ones we must be safe with simple games where the challenges are within reach and the rules are few and clear. And there is nothing simpler and more fun to do a Battle of Water Balloons.

It is a classic that is passed from generation to generation and is always fun and refreshing. We must get hold of small balloons and go to a fountain. In it we will fill them carefully before knotting them. When everyone is ready in the bucket or bowl, each child must take one that he must throw at his play friends.

Important: collect the plastic from the broken balloons later because the environment does not understand seasons. And be careful that the little ones don't put the balloon scraps in their mouths!

2. Water Guns
These kids are also ready to have fun with Water Guns or Sprayers (The ‘flus-flus’, as the kids call them). The dynamic is the same as in the balloon game. With the pistols well loaded with water we must wet the shirts of the others.

Play this summer with children from 4 to 6 years old

3. Draw with water
We link with the previous games and, using the Water Guns, we can draw on a smooth wall or the ground whatever we want. We must hurry because we have to complete the drawing before one part has dried. When the youngest learn to write they like to leave their name on it anywhere. And the water is magical, now it is there and now it is not, because the heat has made it disappear. Everyone to practice the numbers and letters with our water guns on the wall as if they were markers!

4. Sponge Set
Another proposal is the well-known Sponge Set. Each child should have a bucket of water and a sponge. We will make two teams and the players must dip the sponge in the water and throw it at the opponents. Surely when trying to collect them all end up soaked.

5. Fishing for Cups
Cup Fishing is another option. Here we will put our children's cups from their kitchens in a large basin full of water, because they have handles and weigh little. Then we will make our own fishing rods with a stick, rope and a clip that will act as a hook. And at the signal of an adult everyone will try to fish. Whoever gets the most cups will win.

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Have fun in summer with children from 6 to 8 years old

6. Bandana water game
At this age our children already have enough tools to turn any game into a refreshing activity and include water as the protagonist. An example is the classic Handkerchief Game, but this time instead of picking up the handkerchief from the center, we must get the water balloon when we hear our number and then throw it to the opposing team and wet an opponent, otherwise the point is they will add.

7. Water basketball
In the same way, we can use a container in which we must make water balloons at a distance of five meters. From so much splashing we will all end up very fresh.

8. Relay with bottles
And sport continues to give us good ideas: now it is the turn of the Water Bottle Relay. Two teams with two buckets and a bottle each. At the start there will be a bucket full of water, from which the participants must take the liquid in their bottle and carry it, without using their hands, running to the finish bucket. The team that first manages to transfer the water from one bucket to the other will win.

Water games for children from 8 years

9. The sliding slide
There are as many games as children and wit. But since they are already a bit older, we can include a little risk and a bit of a bang. On a large canvas or plastic we will pour some soapy water, thus the Sliding Slide was born. All participants must do three laps on the surface and the last one standing will win. There will be slips and butts, but also laughter and laughter. Surely there are some brave.

Although you are having a great time with all these games, you can never forget: Hydration and sun protection! Undoubtedly, the first measure we must adopt with children is to ensure that they are always well hydrated, as advised by health agencies and common sense. Therefore, the water bottle should never be missing in our backpacks. And happy summer!

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