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Tricks of a mother so that children learn to know how to wait

Large doses of patience are necessary in families to be able to face the education and upbringing of our little ones. Most of the difficult situations that arise at the end of the day with our children are resolved with patience and affection. But it is not only parents who must contribute it, children must also learn to wait, to give time to time. Do you want to know my tricks to achieve it?

Our children belong to the generation of immediacy and immense competitiveness. 'I want such a thing and I want it now. And I also want to be the first to have it. ' How many times have we not witnessed being pushed on the slide for being the first? How many times has the storm of a tantrum not been unleashed because we have taken too long to find the bottle of water in our purse? And the worst thing is not that in those situations we have to have a bad time, but that our child is experiencing frustration, anxiety and stress. And if we don't work on it, it will end up getting out of hand to become a pathology.

I still remember when my mother told me that 'the last will be the first' and 'calm down, everything comes'. Knowing how to wait is more than a virtue, it is an art and skill that is learned. Although I am aware that all children go through an egocentric stage at an early age, as the experts call it, I also know that the sooner we begin to work on patience and empathy, the sooner we will have respectful children with turns.

Therefore, in my fight against my daughter's uncontrolled races to take first place, taking half of her friends ahead, I have been developing different tricks to get her to know how to wait her turn without ending up crying or frustrated. quite the opposite, happy with the position that has been given to him and knowing how to wait for his moment. Here they go.

- Be and set an example
The most important thing is that we lead by example. No complaint should come out of our mouth in front of our children while we wait our turn in line. We can take advantage of that moment to explain to them that if we organize and respect our turn, things will work better and will be faster and more effective. Yes, I know that adults also eat the demons inside us when we are in a traffic jam or in a queue that does not advance, but it is time to bring out the actor within us.

- The resource of stories
Stories are always a good tool to learn anything. We must look for stories in which the numbers are the protagonists so that our children discover the adventures of the 2, the fears of the 3, the success of the four, the friends of the 5, the birthday of the 6, the favorite foods of the 7 ... The message It must be that all the numbers are cool, and that if we have to be 5 we will like it as much as 9. We do not educate our children to be champions or the first in everything, we educate them to be happy people. And no position is at odds with happiness.

- Educational games
Here we pull on the popular wisdom that the experience of generations has shown works. My favorite game is 'El Escondite Ingl├ęs'. Do you remember the little song? "To the English hideout, without moving hands or feet." It seems impossible, but the little ones are capable of standing still like statues. Without moving, even for a few seconds.

- Team sport
Here the little ones learn to be one more part of the group to achieve success. The triumph belongs to everyone and thanks to everyone. No one is more important than another. If one fails, all fail and if one wins, all win.

- Make them wait
Claiming our attention is often our children's favorite sport. It is normal, uncomfortable at times, but normal. And it is that children go through a stage of self-centeredness where they have the need to know the center of the world. The important thing is not to let our offspring become a tyrant of our life. Therefore, it is advisable to wait a few minutes to give you what you have asked us so urgently. Those minutes may well be the seed that makes them grow the patience to face the wait. Similarly, we should not abandon our activity immediately, especially if your interruptions are not justified. Appealing to patience and affection as our ally, we must explain that as soon as we finish our activity we will assist them.

- Lots of dialogue
It is important to calmly explain to our son that he cannot always get what he wants and that even when he can get it it will not be immediate. From a very young age, I explained to my little girl that the toys are brought by the Magi. Therefore, when we enter a store he never asks me for a toy, but writes it down in his imaginary notebook and knows that he must wait until Christmas for it to be brought to him. And it is already known, speaking people understand.

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