The trick to make the jars last longer

The trick to make the jars last longer

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Can you imagine a jar of assorted fruits or vegetables made in the traditional style, as our grandmothers did? You will think that we have gone crazy or that we have dreamed it, but it exists and, the best, it is designed and made under the Hero Baby quality. And is that the Hero Baby jars are just what you see: 100% natural, without any additives, without starch, preservatives or colorings. Join us and discover her secret!

Since you have your baby in your arms, everything is joy, but also, we must admit it, concerns about whether we are doing well: sleeping in your arms or leaving him in a cradle? Bathe him every day or alternate? Give breast milk or formula?

These doubts are gradually dissipating to give way to others, such as those related to complementary feeding, due to the introduction in the child's diet of new flavors, new textures and new foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish ... .)

Sometimes, the lack of time, especially if the mother has already joined work or has more than one child at home, makes us have to resort to jars as an alternative to homemade food, and that creates a feeling of culpability.

We can confirm that there is nothing to fear, because thanks to the jars manufactured under the Hero Baby quality you can be more than sure that you are giving your child the best, because their products maintain the nutritional properties necessary for your baby in a way balanced.

And how do they do it? The ingredients are washed well, selected of the highest quality. They are then cooked gently, respecting the cooking times to perfectly preserve all their properties. The crushed is perfectly homogenized so that in each spoon there are the same nutrients, and in addition, they perform a similar technique to a water bath, to guarantee the safety of the jar, without the need to add preservatives or colorants.

You've probably heard of the bain-marie technique. It consists of closing the jar hermetically and then introducing it in hot water and, through thermal convection, its conservation is ensured from 24 hours to 18 months. All natural and without the need to add additives or preservatives! In addition, in Hero Baby the cooking process is carried out in a kind of pressure cooker so as not to lose the nutrients when the water evaporates.

And so that you know that this is so, there is nothing like doing the pop test! The next time you have a jar of Hero Baby in your hands, listen if when you open it you hear a characteristic pop, a clear sign that everything is in order and that you are in front of a safe food for the smallest of the house.

With this system, Hero Baby acquires a commitment to mothers who only seek the best to offer their baby. That is why this responsibility that they assume leads them to seek methods of natural conservation of their products, but not only that.

In Hero Baby they have an exhaustive control in each of the phases, from the collection of raw materials to the analysis of the final product; their composition is balanced, adapted to your nutritional needs, and finally, everything is under control !, carrying out around three hundred daily checks.

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