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Bye, pacifier, bye. Story for children who do not want to give up the pacifier

The removal of the pacifier can be, for some children, a traumatic moment. For this event to occur without trauma or prolonged crying for days and, above all, without any setback, we suggest that you sit down one afternoon when you are both calm on the sofa and tell your little one the story of Simón, the protagonist of 'Goodbye, pacifier, goodbye ', a story for children who do not want to give up the pacifier.As soon as you discover the existence of the Pacifier Goblin, everything will be easier!

Simon was small for some things and yet old for others. He was always in trouble. 'Simón, you are still small to use the knife', 'Simón you are old enough to dress yourself', 'Simón, when you are older mom will teach you to skate', 'Simón, since you are old you should be responsible for your toys' . And so on all day.

But one day they told him something that he did not understand: 'Simon, you're old and you should stop using the pacifier.' 'Impossible!' Thought the little boy. And, the pacifier had always been by his side, in good and bad. The naps they had spent together and the scares she had gotten by not finding it when she dropped it.

Simón had always wanted to be older and be able to do the things his brother Teo already knew how to do, but if growing up meant that he had to abandon his pacifier forever, he preferred to remain small, even to be a baby again.

His parents tried to explain to him that when we get older we should put down the pacifier so that it does not hurt our mouth, because we already have all our teeth and these, together with the tongue, can get scared because there is not room for everyone and the pacifier. And then you can start to lose teeth. And without them you will not be able to eat the delicious things that you like so much.

His grandparents offered to exchange the pacifier for a toy. They would go to the store together, and Simon could choose whatever gift he wanted. However, nothing worked. Even, his friends at school told him that he should give his pacifier to a baby, because he no longer needed it and babies do. However, on the contrary, Simon was gripping his pacifier more and more for fear that it would be taken from him.

Finally it was Teo, his older brother, who managed to convince him. Teo told him that when he was little he also used a pacifier, but one day he heard about the Pacifier Goblin. Apparently it was a magical being who only visited the children at night. And if he found a pacifier under the pillow, this, with its magic, gave the child a great power, a gift. Teo concluded his story by remembering that when he gave his pacifier to the Duende, he began to run faster, so much so that now there was no child to beat him in a race.

Simon spent the whole day thinking a lot about his brother's words and decided that he wanted to be a great soccer player. So that night, Simon said goodbye to his pacifier and placed it under his pillow. The next morning the pacifier was gone and in the afternoon when he played in the park with his friends, Simón scored three goals that gave his team victory.

The stories are an excellent tool to teach children values ​​and, also, to try to change certain patterns in their behavior, in this case, get the little one to quit the pacifier habit.

To make sure that this story has penetrated him and has been able to produce an effect on him, there is nothing better than asking three simple questions with which we will also work on the child's reading comprehension.

1. What do Simón's parents say to the little boy who doesn't like him at all?

2. Who is the Pacifier Goblin?

3. What do you want to be Simon when you grow up?

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