8 amazing learnings from 7-year-olds that are fabulous

8 amazing learnings from 7-year-olds that are fabulous

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Attention all parents who have children of 7 years! Your turn has come! We are going to make a small list with all the things that children do at each age, so that you can have a reference and with the idea that you keep it in your mind as a beautiful memory. Now it's the turn of all the learning that 7-year-olds do. You will see that all these things, even the ones that are not so pretty, have their good side. We started!

As I said before, now he is on the list with the things that children do at 7 years of age. My favorite today, my son is almost going to meet them! Read them slowly and write down as many things as you want. Remember that all of them are indicative and that each child has his own rhythm.

1. They are able to explain things to younger children
Around 7 years of age boys and girls have a great ability to explain many things, and not only that but they also have the ability to adapt their words when talking to younger children, adorable! If your child has a little brother or a cousin, you only have to sneak your ear to realize it.

2. Stories are made up all the time
'Dinosaurs lived a long time ago, they became extinct when a fiery meteorite fell from which all the stones we have today came out.' A story my son told me the other day that mixes reality with imagination. Yes, dear mom and dad, boys and girls let their creativity run wild to bring incredible stories to life. Listen carefully, they are priceless.

3. They can read and write fluently
As with the stories they tell or the explanations they give, they are also able to read and write very fluently. They will do it at school but also in their spare time to, for example, write a letter to their parents when they have done something not very responsible and want to apologize. They love stories! So don't hesitate to give them all the books they ask for.

4. They like to play alone and also with friends
You may have already noticed that 7-year-olds love to hang out playing with friends, however, they also have other times when they prefer to play alone. There is nothing wrong with it. As with us, there are times when we want to be with others and others when we like to have our space.

5. They ask to have a pet, a mobile, a game console ...
And everything that crosses your curious mind. Why? Well, because they have seen someone close to them. My little one, who is almost turning 7 years old, told me not long ago that he would like to have a video game console, the same one that his older cousins ​​have!

Of course I explained to him that he is still too small for such things, that it is best if he has toys his age. They usually do the same with pets, of course they do not see the part of responsibility, they only think of affection and the entertaining times that they could spend with a domestic animal.

6. They show traits of their personality
As they grow, their personality develops. It is around the age of 7 that they already show certain traits such as shyness or if they are more or less sociable. They are characteristics of the personality of each one that can change when they reach adult life but that probably accompany them during childhood.

7. They say 'I don't love you' to parents
Has your son told you that he doesn't love you? My son did and he did it once when he was angry and said it without further ado and on another occasion when I asked him how much he loved me. Of course it is something that they do not feel, it is a phrase that hurts when you hear it but we know well that it is not true. As we mentioned before, boys and girls have their character and they show it, especially if they are angry or want to attract attention.

8. Fears and insecurities return
It is not that all children at this age have fears again but they will be evident in many of them. Typical fears that you thought you had forgotten, such as going to the bathroom at night or going to sleep without a small light, and other fears that come from within, such as thinking about the absence of a loved one. In these cases, the best thing and what I try to do is explain things as they are with simple language and answer all the questions I ask, which, as you already know, seem endless!

Add as many things as you want to the list of what 7-year-olds usually do. You will have a nice memory.

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