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How to transmit the value of humility to children at Christmas

How to transmit the value of humility to children at Christmas

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Christmas is a wonderful time for transmit the value of humility to children, but also to educate them in generosity and / or solidarity, essential values ​​to teach from childhood. One of the most important tools to encourage these values ​​is the example of parents, because our children learn by observation.

'Humility is the fact of knowing how to serve others, but humility is also knowing our limits and our weaknesses, that is, the more you know yourself, the more humble you will be! To do this, what we have to do as parents is get to know each other and recognize ourselves so that, later, our children are also capable of doing this exercise, 'explains Andrés París, educational coach and pedagogue.

And it is that children learn more from what they see in us than from what we tell them. Let us have an attitude of solidarity, generosity, gratuity, humility and they will do it too, they will repeat our behavior. They will start with small ones in their environment (school, friends, neighborhood), but they will begin in the learning of these values ​​so necessary for the human being.

Education is not something static, it is something dynamic, a process where we must begin to put our seeds very early in order to reap its fruits in the future: that they see us humble, that they see us sharing emotions, that they see us generous ... And that will be left to them.

Humility as a value we have to educate throughout the year and not only at Christmas because it has a very important component, but it is true at this time consumerism is skyrocketing and parents are presented with a lot of occasions to , on the one hand, to set an example for our children, and on the other, to teach and show them what humility is and can bring them.

Also, Humility is a value that is closely related to generosity, the fact of giving something without receiving anything, and with gratuity, incorporating the word thank you into our vocabulary. Let's unite them all and this year let's give our children the best gift: values!

The gestures remain in our memory, but the words do not reach the heart. Therefore, from We give you the best phrases of humility so that the smallest of the house reflect on them and apply them in their day to day

1. 'To be great in life, you just need to be humble of heart.'

2. 'It is not height, weight, muscles, or beauty that make you a better person. It's the heart and the humility'.

3. 'Humility is not synonymous with poverty. Humility is synonymous with quality of person. '

4. 'Every time you go up one step of triumph, go up two steps of humility.'

5. 'Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up. Humility makes people great. '

6. 'He who is truly wise admits not knowing anything'.

7. 'Only in life is great, who knows how to be small'.

8. 'To be great, you first have to learn to be small.'

With the Christmas dates we are all more sensitive and, why not say it also, more solidarity. In addition, there are plenty of options in which children, parents or the whole family together can perform an act of solidarity: from going to a food bank, to attending a charity rake, to witness a play in which all proceeds go to an NGO or, also, to ask in the letter from the Magi present to collaborate with a cause .

But you have to teach children that you have to be in solidarity 365 days a year And therein lies the great challenge that today's fathers and mothers face. 'There are no magic formulas here, because in education there are no tricks,' explains Andrés París, who adds: 'Being fathers and mothers requires a responsibility that goes beyond the fact that your children do not lack food, clothing or school supplies , that is, that they have the environmental factors covered, it is necessary that they also have the emotional ones and, for this, we have to be the mirror where they look at themselves. Let's not project onto our children what we are not!

And this educational coach gives us a very clear example: 'Many days I see parents with a cigarette in their hand and a beer who come to me to ask what you can do to get your children to play more sports. I answer that it is very good that they think about it, that they say it and that they consider it, but it would be even better if they did it because then it would only leave the kid wanting to do some sporting activity 'I would follow their example!

It is clear that children learn by observation, they are the best observers we have. They fix everything, record everything, and store all that information in your brain. What they see their parents do is what will quickly come to them.

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