Rainbow buttons. Home game for children to learn colors

Rainbow buttons. Home game for children to learn colors

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Children are passionate about the rainbow! So I bring yousa home game for children to learn colors that compose it, as well as its order. And how are they going to learn it? Through mathematical notions such as classifying according to their color and size. And what are we going to classify? An object of our daily life that is known to all boys and girls, buttons. Thus we obtain rainbow buttons very nice for the little ones!

This activity is aimed at boys and girls from 2 years, at which time they are already capable of verbalizing and expressing words, in addition to being in full development of fine motor skills, a key aspect that we will enhance during their development. Sounds simple right? Let's see everything that is hidden behind this fun and colorful activity.


  • Macaroni
  • Tray or container
  • Colored buttons
  • Wood clamp
  • Colored plates

The rainbow, we adults love it, it has that something in the color combination that attracts us and makes everything much more beautiful. But, what about boys and girls? Have you ever asked them what the rainbow is for them? What colors do they make up? If you have not talked to them about this atmospheric phenomenon, I will tell you that boys and girls like it as much or more than we do. Therefore, we propose this activity that will cost you nothing to prepare.

By following these simple 3 steps we can carry out our activity. You will see that the preparation of this game is very simple, but the result is very attractive and, above all, it has many benefits for children. Go for it!

1. The first thing we have to do is pour the macaroni on the tray or container that we have taken.

2. Next, we add the buttons and stir so that they are well integrated into the macaroni. To make it even more fun and challenging game, we must use buttons of different colors and sizes.

3. Done! We already have our activity. Now it only remains to find one of the buttons. Next, we must classify it according to its color and size.

Remember that, for safety, this game should always be done under adult supervision, as it contains small parts that children could swallow.

We can propose different ways of carrying out the activity, taking into account the age of the boys and girls, their level of fine motor skills, the number of colors we want to work on, and we can even add another piece of information to take into account, such as the size difference: 'large' and 'small'.

- Boys and girls from 1 year and a half-2 years
They are beginning to learn, identify, and recognize some primary colors such as red, yellow, blue, and green. His fine motor skills are in full development so stimulating and working on it daily is essential. And as for their verbal development, some are able to emit words or communicate through gestures.

We can classify the colors that the boys and girls know, using their fingers as a means to catch the buttons. Some can even differentiate sizes.

- Boys and girls from 3 years old
At this age not only do they dominate the primary colors, but they also recognize and identify many secondary colors, such as orange or purple.

More and more they control the movements they carry out with their hands, as is the case with eye-hand coordination. Regarding their form of expression and communication, they use verbal language without any kind of difficulty.

For older children we can complicate the activity a little more. Here we propose several ways to do it.

- To work the sizes, in addition to the colors
Taking into account these characteristics we can carry out a much more extensive activity in which they will not only classify all those colors that we put on them but will also attend to their size and will have to take more data into account.

They should place the large buttons inside the plate (it is bigger) and the small buttons inside the smallest plate (it is smaller), taking into account the color of the button they have taken.

- Work more and better fine motor skills
Since they have completely mastered fine motor skills, they can grasp the buttons with the help of a wooden pliers, which provides them with a different way of using their hands and a correct grip on the pencil for example.

- Work the colors in a different way
If we want to complicate the activity more, we will ask them to find and classify in the order of the colors of the rainbow.

It is an activity with which to develop and enhance aspects such as attention, observation, concentration or discrimination.

In a very visual way, they will learn by playing and having fun the order of the colors of the rainbow, and in the case of the first ages they can expand their vocabulary regarding this topic. And they will also enhance mathematical aspects such as differentiating sizes, also in a very representative and clear way for them.

With a simple activity that is prepared in less than 5 minutes, we are able to stimulate cognitive, motor and mathematical aspects in children.

Do not hesitate to try it in the classroom or at home!

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