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The poetic life of Gloria Fuertes. Biographies in stories for children

The poetic life of Gloria Fuertes. Biographies in stories for children

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There are many adults with the heart of a child who feel indebted to Gloria Fuertes. For making us laugh so much, for showing us that poetry is great, for making us love verses, for introducing us to literature ... Does your son know this poet? Within our Biographies in children's stories, we bring you 'The poetic life of Gloria Fuertes'. In addition, we have accompanied her with some reading comprehension questions about the story and some of her most famous poems.

Gloria was skinny and lanky, with stiff bangs, eyes small like those of a mouse, she had a lot of fantasy, she was a good and very happy girl; but he was born without a peseta.

His father was a building janitor and his mother a seamstress, and that taught him not to ask for what he knew could not be given.

Before the age of three, I already knew how to read.

- Look Mom! - Said very proud as she showed her name written in large letters, without having attended school yet.

I dreamed that I lived in a great castle: his mother was the queen, and with a needle and thread she took care that everyone was well dressed; his father was the king, and by his kindness he made all the neighbors get along and be happy; Gloria didn't like wars.

- Listen! - She said enthusiastically, and read to her parents the stories she wrote and then drew, with her childish fantasy.

I played and wrote, jumped and wrote, I grew up and wroteAnd so on, until one day, when she least expected it, she was left an orphan. And Gloria wrote, wrote and wrote in her eagerness to calm her pain and loneliness.

When he got older, but only in body, he inflated beautiful colored balloons and filled them with words, rhymes, stories, stories, music, and began to release them to fly around the world.

The balloons with the gifts of Gloria arrived to all: Ignored island, Poet on duty, Kangaroo for everything, The caramel fairy, The crazy goose, The little camel, How to tie the whiskers to the tiger, etc., and children and adults began to know her as 'The fairy of verses' and 'The children's poet'.

When Gloria died she already had a peseta.

And, as always, we propose some reading comprehension questions about the story you have just read. In addition to enjoying learning more about the life of the great Gloria Fuertes, you can take advantage of the reading to practice your children's reading comprehension. To do this, ask them to answer the following questions. If you do not answer any of them correctly, we suggest that you read the story one more time paying more attention.

- What was Gloria Fuertes like as a child?

- He had a lot of money, true or false?

- What was the girl Gloria dreaming of?

- Do you remember any of the names of his works?

The best activity you can do after reading this beautiful biography of Gloria Fuertes is to continue researching her work. Therefore, below we have made a small compilation with some of his most famous poems. Children's favorites!

- Doña Pitu Piturra
Many children of various generations have laughed and imagined what Doña Pitu Piturra will be like. It is a poem full of rhythm that can inspire the little ones to create their own verses.

- Don Pato and Don Pito
One of the favorite poems of the children of all those who wrote Gloria Fuertes 'Don Pato y Don Pito'. Talk about two ducklings going for a walk ... and you won't believe what happened to them on the way! With this poem, children can also practice the pronunciation of the letter 'p'.

- My face
This is one of the most used poems in nursery schools for children to learn the names of each of the parts of their face. Surely your child knows it too!

- How do you draw a child?
This poem proposes a series of steps to draw a child, with a lot of love and with a lot of fun. As a complementary activity to this poem, you can draw your own child. Will it be like the one described by Gloria Fuertes?

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