A pacifier for the Child Jesus. Tender Christmas nursery rhymes

A pacifier for the Child Jesus. Tender Christmas nursery rhymes

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At Christmas, we like to read poetry, but also to invent them together with our children. On this occasion, we propose you a Christmas nursery rhyme written by Marisa Alonso. It's titled 'A Pacifier for Baby Jesus' and it can inspire you to write your own short Christmas poem. After the verses, you will find some reading comprehension questions and some tips to make it easier for you to become poets and poets for a day.

Below you can read Marisa Alonso's poem. It has three stanzas, each of them four lines long, so it's not too long to memorize. When you know it, you can recite it aloud to the Child Jesus in your Bethlehem portal or you can record a video and send it to a family member as a Christmas postcard. What if you put music on it and turn it into the lyrics of a song?

Enjoy it a lot!

three wise men from the East

to take the child God

gifts and some presents.

Have come with the help

that like a lighthouse in the sea

has lit the way.

They carry gold, frankincense and myrrh,

and Melchor some toy,

and Gaspar and Baltasar

They have given him a pacifier.

When reading a story or reading a poem we can take advantage of it to check if the children have understood what they have read. It is as simple as asking them some questions related to the text you have read. There are many ways to approach this exercise: with direct questions about the story, true or false exercises ... But, to make it a more attractive activity, we have to look for different ways of approaching reading comprehension.

On this occasion, we propose some sentences that your children have to complete according to what they have read.

- The Magi from the East came to ...

- Thanks to the ... they managed to get to the portal.

- They brought him gold, incense and ...

- But they also brought him a toy and a ...

Do you dare to write your own Christmas poetry? Of course! With a little desire and a lot of imagination, you can invent some beautiful verses inspired by the most special time of the year. Then, you can draw a picture and frame the poetry to give it to your grandparents, uncles or godparents.

If you don't know where to start, keep the following tips in mind.

- The idea is that the child himself writes the poem. However, surely appreciate having a little help. Therefore, take the opportunity to spend a nice moment with the little one and write the verses with him.

- Do not try to look for very elaborate words or phrases that are very complicated to understand, it is better to use a language very simple and clear to understand. In this way, it will be easier to create and enjoy it.

- Look for funny and funny rhymes, that manage to attract children to the poetic genre. Remember there is two types of rhymes: the assonance rhyme (in which the vowels of the last syllable of the verses rhyme) and the consonant rhyme (in which the vowels and consonants of the last syllable of the verse rhyme).

- Create poems that talk about everyday topics, that children like. For example, you can make your children's favorite superhero who visits the Bethlehem portal. It may also be a good idea to talk about the animals that accompany the Baby Jesus in the manger or the games that the shepherds teach the Baby Jesus.

Very very very merry Christmas!

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