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Names of children without saints that we celebrate on All Saints' Day

Names of children without saints that we celebrate on All Saints' Day

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For many years, especially until the middle of the last century, it was almost a sacred tradition for babies to be named according to their saints on the day they were born. However, there are many other names that, for different reasons, do not have onomastics. This exception to the tradition is resolved every November 1, the date on which the All Saints Day and what does that special day mean for those names of children without a saint.

Surely you have noticed that your birthday is also the celebration of a saint, virgin or martyr or that your name, that of a relative and even one of your friends is precisely for the date of that saint. Well, this is known as the Santoral Calendar, which is a religious tradition, in which the life, work and death of people who dedicated their lives to preaching the word of God and helping others are commemorated.

However, as we have already explained, there are baby names that have no saints. They are the exception to the norm, or in this case, the exception to tradition. Although of course, this does not mean that there is something wrong with their choice, but that they are more distinctive, original and modern.

Another rationale is the cultural origin of the names to choose. In this sense, if you feel inclined with your partner for names of Asian or Nordic origin, for example, you will not find a saints for these. So November 1 can become an excellent option for those parents who seek to get away from traditions and prefer something original.

In some Latin American countries, but especially in Spain, All Saints' Day is celebrated every first of November. Where the beatification of all those souls who, according to Catholic tradition, have managed to endure purgatory and deserve a place in heaven is celebrated. The festival is carried out as a prelude to the celebration of the Day of the Dead for these countries.

Also, this is known to be the day where all those who do not they have a holy or onomastic name you can have a day to celebrate the saints in general. Do you know someone who is included in this celebration?

We are going to see some of the names that celebrate their special day every November 1, because they do not have any other date on the calendar set to celebrate it. First, we consider the names for girls.

April 1
It has a Latin origin and its meaning refers to the month of April, where the flowers are reborn and spring occurs with greater force. Although it is rare to find this beautiful name in Latin American countries, it is very common in English-speaking countries in its April variant.

2. Aisha
It is a very popular name in the Arab regions, which is where it comes from. Its meaning is 'She who has vitality' and according to tradition, the women who bear this name are characterized by having a courageous and firm spirit.

3. Aries
I recently saw an anime (Japanese comic) and the protagonist had this name and I found it very curious, as an excellent choice of names for original girls. Its origin is Latin and means 'Ram', an animal with which it is represented in the western zodiac. It also comes from the god of war Ares and for which a constellation is named.

4. Calliope
Of Greek origin, it refers to the muse who was the protagonist of the epic poetry of Greek mythology. Its meaning is 'She who has a melodious voice'. It is a great choice for attractive girl names inspired by mythologies.

5. Kiara
A beautiful modern and interesting name for girls, it has its origins in the Latin root and is an American version of it. Its meaning is 'She who is bright and shining'.

6. Lilly
Despite what may be believed, this is not the diminutive of Liliana or Lilibeth. It actually comes from the Latin 'Lillium' and is a reference to the purity of lily flowers and the women who convey their beauty.

Among the names of children without saints, we find these nicknames:

7. Elián
An attractive masculine name that sounds amazing in any age and region of the world. It is of Greek origin and is a reference to the Sun God 'Helios', so we can say that its meaning is 'He who transmits energy and charm'.

8. Eros
And speaking of Greek gods that are excellent name options for boys. Eros comes from Greek and has a meaning that refers to mysticism and romance. Just as was the God of love who bore this name.

9. Lisandro
Of Greek origin, it is a more classic boy's name, but it is still an excellent current option, as it has a unique feel that lasts over time. The origin of this name is Greek and means 'He who liberates men'. And, indeed, it does not have a saint, like the rest of the names on this list.

10. Neil
Coming from the original Gaelic name Niall, it is a clear example of ethereal names that manage to cross the barrier of time. Neil, is an Anglo-Saxon adaptation and its meaning is 'He who is passionate' or 'He who has been champion'.

11. Nolan
A very popular masculine name in Anglo-Saxon and North American lands, but in reality its origin comes from the Irish and its meaning is 'He who comes from royalty'.

12. Otto
I used to have a teacher with the same name, so it's a great example of foreign names for boys. It is of Germanic origin 'Otón' and its meaning is 'The owner of his riches'.

Do you see that you don't have to follow tradition to have a great name for your baby? You just need to find the one with whom you feel with the greatest affinity, perhaps if you discuss it with your baby, they will even give you their approval. Will you try?

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