Bullying or bullying

Bullying or bullying

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Bullying is an english word that means intimidation. Unfortunately, this word is FashionDue to the innumerable cases of persecution and attacks that are being detected in schools and colleges, and that are leading many schoolchildren to experience truly terrifying situations. Bullying refers to all forms of aggressive, intentional and repeated attitudes, which occur without obvious motivation, adopted by one or more students against another or others. How do you know if your child is a victim of bullying or a bully?

The person who exercises thebullying He does it to impose his power on the other, through constant threats, insults, aggressions or humiliations, and thus have him under his complete control over months and even years. The victim suffers silence in most cases. Intimidating abuse causes you to feel pain, anguish, and fear, to the point that, in some cases, it can lead to devastating consequences such as suicide.

Bullying and verbal or physical abuse between schoolchildren is bullying. It is a systematic harassment, which occurs repeatedly over time, by one or more stalkers of one or more victims. The definition by Dan Olweus, which says that 'a student becomes a victim of bullying when he is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions carried out by another or other students', is the most accepted.

Experts point out that bullying or intimidation involves three key components:

  1. An imbalance of power between the stalker and the victim. This imbalance can be real or only perceived by the victim.
  2. The assault is carried out by a stalker or a group intentionally trying to harm the victim.
  3. There is aggressive behavior towards the same victim, which occurs repeatedly.

Often several types appear simultaneously:

- Physical
It consists of direct aggression based on kicks, pushes, and blows with objects. It can also be indirect when there is material damage to the personal belongings of the victim or theft.

- Verbal
It is the most common. It only leaves a mark on the victim. Words have a lot of power and undermine the victim's self-esteem through humiliations, insults, nicknames, slights in public, spreading false rumors, offensive phone messages or calls, indecent sexual language ...

- Psychological
It is carried out through threats to provoke fear, to obtain some object or money, or simply to force the victim to do things that they do not want or should do ...

- Social
It consists of the exclusion and progressive isolation of the victim. In practice, bullies prevent the victim from participating, either by ignoring his / her presence and not counting on him / her in normal activities among friends or classmates.

In Spain, it is estimated that 1.6 percent of children and young students suffer from this phenomenon constantly and that 5.7 percent experience it sporadically.

The data is repeated around the world, bullying affects children of all social conditions, it is present in public and private schools, in large cities and in smaller towns.

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'Free, free. My eyes will follow even if my feet stop. ' These were some of the last words that 14-year-old Jokin Zeberio wrote before committing suicide, jumping into the void with his bicycle, from the top of the wall of Hondarribia, Spain, in September 2004. Jokin had been harassed by his colleagues for years. The continuous threats, humiliations, insults, beatings, beatings, made him suffer and led to his death. The event sounded the social, political and educational alarm. But unfortunately, they did not stop the phenomenon. Cases of bullying they emerge and every day we realize that they are not recent or rare.

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